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Similarly to choosing a therapist, it is important to choose the right counselling supervisor for you. It is helpful to consider if a clinical supervisor is a good fit for the way in which you work, the type of clients you work with and the context/s you work in.

I am a qualified supervisor with experience in supporting trainee and qualified counsellors, 1-1 and within groups. My aim is to provide a supervisory relationship that is caring, supportive and growth inducing.

Supervision is a two-way process of shared responsibilities between supervisee and supervisor. I understand the purpose of supervision is to monitor and safeguard the interest of clients and to monitor and promote the welfare of the counsellor including their continued development and learning. It is also helpful in optimising the effectiveness of the therapeutic relationship. Good supervision ensures that ethical standards are maintained as set out by the BACP Ethical Framework for Good Practice.

My preferred supervision model is Inskipp and Proctor's (2001) tasks of supervision, which cover support (restorative), learning and growth (formative) and monitoring (normative). I am also informed by parallel process and reflexivity. I am happy to be challenged and value supervision, seeing it as a safe place for supervisees to explore their work.

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"When supervision provides a space in which stories and problems are seen as a gateway to a new dimension of reality, rather than merely as issues which need solving, for me at that moment it becomes 'passionate supervision" Hawkins (2008:20)

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