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Since the start of the Covid 19 pandemic, I have adapted to new ways of working with my clients in counselling and psychotherapy which include Online sessions via Zoom, Telephone sessions and Walk and Talk sessions. This is alongside offering face to face sessions at my practice in Godalming.

An initial assessment will always be completed to ensure the appropriateness and suitability of each client and the type of therapeutic session offered to them. Sessions will normally be on a weekly basis at a mutually convenient time. Making this commitment to attending a regularly weekly appointment does enable therapy to be its most helpful and effective, particularly as we begin working together.

Online therapy Via Zoom has proved to be a very helpful and effective addition to how I offer therapy, particularly during the pandemic.

Some clients have found the process of communicating from their own protected safe space very helpful in itself and say they actually find it easier to talk about some things in their own environment rather than in the same room as their therapist.

By conducting sessions online there is greater flexibility, if you have to change location for any reason, you will still be able to continue with your sessions, as long as you have access to your device.

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Today I Saw a Kingfisher (2022)

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Walk & Talk therapy is a form of psychotherapy that incorporates walking while talking about the issues and challenges that you are currently facing. Some clients can find it daunting and too intense sitting opposite a therapist in a room and subsequently find it hard to open up.

Walking side by side can feel less intimidating than having a counsellor looking directly at you. Combining exercise and therapy can encourage clients to be more physically active for mental and physical reasons, it can help a client become unstuck when confronting difficult issues and can enable creative, deeper ways of thinking often released by mood improving physical exercise.

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